Shareholder (Investor) Membership

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Sand Martins Golf Club changed ownership in June 2005, when the Club was purchased by Andrew Hall and a number of members who invested in equity shareholdings of the Club.

In creating a unique scheme, Andrew and his members' consortium joined forces in what is believed to be the first joint management and membership buy-out in UK golf.

Shareholders receive a return on their investment in the form of a discount on the annual subscriptions and enjoy a number of other generous benefits which are listed below. Shareholdings are available to existing members and anyone who approaches the company for information when applying for membership.  


  • Shares are priced at £2,000 each and members may purchase up to a maximum of 20 shares. 

  • Shareholders receive a £100 discount on their annual membership subscriptions per share held. 

  • Shareholder members may invite one guest to play (per day) at a reduced green fee rate of £9; additional guests will pay the members guest greenfee rate.

  • Shareholder members receive an extra uplift on the bar tariff (on top of the normal 5%). The extra uplift also applies to any top ups made during the year.

  • The Club holds an annual shareholders golf day. 

If you would like more information about shareholder membership of the Club please contact our Managing Director, Andrew Hall on 0118 902 9964 or email